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Ferhat Kacmaz is a German serial entrepreneur, investor, fitness enthusiast and self made millionaire .
He is the CEO and Co-Founder of FitBurn, a fitness company that combines fitness with cryptocurrencies.
He is widely recognized for introducing Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) across Germany and Middle East countries. With his extensive technology, business, and relationship-building knowledge and expertise, Kacmaz has emerged as a leading fitness entrepreneur and innovator in the industry. Prior to starting his fitness chain, Kacmaz owned a successful restaurant, gym, and nightclub business.

Kacmaz started his entrepreneurial journey in 1999, with the purchase of a restaurant named Pizza Flitzer and ran the restaurant for 3 years. Following this, Kacmaz ventured into the entertainment industry by establishing his event company, Desire Events. His creativity led him to become a pioneer of many nightclubs and events in Germany, which eventually paved the way for opening his own nightclub, The Gallery Club in Bielefeld.

In 2011, Kacmaz founded Fit In Time, in Bielefeld, Germany where he introduced Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), which is a German technology in the fitness industry. The technology is known to elicit a muscle contraction using electric impulses in order to train the deep tissue muscles, which cannot be achieved through regular exercise. The concept soon gained popularity and success across Germany. After having noticed the absence of EMS in UAE, Kacmaz was captivated by the opportunity and expanded his operation by relocating to Dubai in 2013. He partnered with Fitness First and opened several fitness locations offering EMS training across several locations in UAE. Currently, his franchise has grown into a network of 30 locations and has emerged as a pioneer in the fitness industry.

In the year 2019 , Kazmaz founded Array Management consulting , which focuses on growth and expansion of companies infrastructure and investments.

In the year 2020, Kacmaz founded Isculpt Fitness Club, which focuses on providing the most advanced EMS training to its clients, headquartered in Dubai.

In 2022, Kacmaz introduced a new technique that combined fitness and web3 technology.[11] Kacmaz is known to have launched an app named FitBurn - Burn to Earn. The concept emerged as the first lifestyle revolution app that combined fitness with digital finance, i.e., cryptocurrencies. The users of the application get paid for their consistent workout regime and can earn money in the form of Caloriecoin (CAL) which enable them to hold a gamified NFT T-shirt to vote with governance token Sweat. Through his experience and investor connections, Kacmaz was able to raise over $1.4 Million in the pre-seed round, $2.0 Million in the Seed Round, $4.6 Million in Private and Public Round and has partnered with Olympia & FiBo Expo.


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